The University of Manitoba Iranian Student Association is a non-political, non-religious group which aims to bring people, especially the students, with interest in Iranian heritage together. The group will also organize meetings and events.

General Information

The International Centre for Students (ICS) of the Univeristy of Manitoba provides a lot of help to the newcomers to Winnipeg. Make sure to contact them well before your intended arrival date. In most cases, they can arrange with a Canadian family to pick you up from the airport and provide you with a place to stay for the first 3 or 4 days after your arrival.

Winnipeg has extremely cold winters. Some days, especially in December and January, the temperature can be as low as -40ºC. Make sure to bring warm cloths with yourself, particularly a warm jacket.


There are a few different types of housing options that you have:

1- Renting an apartment/suite by yourself. This generally requires you to sign a one year contract (i.e., lease) between you and the landlord. From time to time, a person may want to evacuate the apartment before the end of the contract. In such cases, he/she will look for somebody to replace him/her until the end of the contract period. This is called “subletting”. The typical rent for a one bedroom apartment close to the university is about $550/month and about $470/month for a bachelor suite.

You can certainly find places with lower rent, but it will require some searching.

2- Sharing a house with other people. In this case, you rent one room in a house and share the facilities of the house (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) with other residents of that home. This is a low cost alternative (~$300/month) to renting an apartment. However, you may have to sacrifice some privacy.

3- University’s dormitories. Usually, you have to pay a little bit more than an apartment for living in dorm (~$600/month). But the money you pay includes the rent and meals. You will also save on transportation costs. If you are fine with eating Canadian food, this is a viable choice.

4- Temporary residence. This includes hostels, motels, and hotels. Generally, you do not want to stay in these places for more than a few days. Check here for more information and a listing of the places.

You can check the webpages below to look for an apartment or a room in a house:


You can take buses to go from almost anywhere in the city to another location. The buses are usually on time and you do not have to wait if you check their schedules. All the schedules are available online here. If you know the destination address, you can click on the “navigo” button to plan your trip. You can buy monthly bus passes for about ~$60 which let you ride the buses for a full month without limits.